Beneath each face there's a story… this is mine, what's yours?

11 types of girls you meet in campus

Image from: Campus is where you meet all sorts of crazy. It’s also the place where some people meet their wives and husbands (I wonder how). From crazy to smart to drunkards,  I can at least think of 11... Continue Reading →

Journal Review: Culture of Honor, Culture of Change

Photo credit: Imagine your husband, father, uncle or worse yet your 11 year old son raising their hand against you for living your life. Then you are yet to imagine the worst. Aysan Sev’er Gökçeçiçek Yurdakul in Culture of... Continue Reading →


Judas betrayed Jesus, then Jesus was killed and he rose on the third day. Then Judas killed himself. Basically we all know this famed storyline. But there's more to it than I knew. It's like a movie with constantly rising... Continue Reading →

Fashion Crimes that Kenyans need to reconsider

You’ve probably been searching for a decent guy to date but your efforts seem futile. Your younger sisters and cousins got married centuries ago and you are now the old hug roaming about desperately searching. Probably you met one prospect... Continue Reading →

No one wants a stingy man

Have you been in a situation where you’ve been requested to pick your relatives from upcountry and bring them home? Mostly they are awe-struck by the stunning city vicinity so you have to literally protect them from getting hit by... Continue Reading →

How I Deal with Body Bullies

I am seated at the bus stop.  Next to me is one cute lady. She is quite, friendly and respectful. Whenever an extra person joins us, she tries her best to create room for them in the now filled bus... Continue Reading →

Proven Ways to bust your cheating partner

The wise king Solomon in the bible cheated on his first wife with 999 women. Despite all his wisdom, he was caught and had to marry 699 of them. The other 300 women must have been less wifely or maybe... Continue Reading →

A feeling like Madonna’s

If I were Madonna, which obviously I am not, I wouldn’t give a s**t about what you Kenyans are thinking (I’m still part of Kenya here, take no offense). Let me ask you something… “Have you trended on twitter any... Continue Reading →

I hate cheating, but it’s in my genes!!!!!!

Photo credit; I Recently I found myself in the middle of a fierce fight that would have seemed like a looming war from a far. Not a physical fight though… If you desire to see my soft side, place... Continue Reading →

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